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Meet the people who are part of FEMICOM

We are a group of researchers interested in the epistemology of science and meta-research in communication, with special attention to gender, as this has been an articulating and constituent element of science.

In this way we respond to how and why communication sciences have been formed, as well as the main trends, leaderships, presences and absences of hegemonic and minority subjects and objects.

Leonarda García-Jiménez

Leonarda García-Jiménez, Ph.D. in Communication, is an Associate Professor at the University of Murcia and an Affiliate Faculty at the University of Colorado Boulder and Colorado State University. She has also been a visiting professor and researcher at other Spanish, Colombian, Mexican, and Swiss universities. For almost two decades she has worked in the field of communication theories, identity & culture, areas in which she has published more than fifty papers, books and book chapters. Principal investigator of the European research project CRICORM, she has participated in three other R+D+I of the Spanish Government and received the prestigious 2019 Leonardo Grant from the BBVA Foundation with the proposal "Feminizing communication sciences: memory and contributions of women researchers".

Juan-José Sánchez-Soriano

Juan Jose Sanchez-Soriano is Ph.D. in Communication at the University of Murcia, College of Communication. He has published several high-impact scientific outcomes (journals, international conferences and book chapters). He has also been Visiting Researcher at University Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona), University of Hull (UK) and University of Southern California (USA). His research interests include cinematography, serial fiction, cultural studies and audiences reception from a the LGTB + studies perspective.

Esperanza Herrero

Esperanza Herrero is a FPU predoctoral researcher in communication at the College of Communication, University of Murcia. She completed an MA in Media Communication Research at the University Carlos III of Madrid.

She has several scientific publications, as well as participations in international conferences. Her research interests include communication theory, gender studies, media studies and fact-checking.

Rebeca Escribano

Rebeca Escribano is instructor and Ph.D. student at the College of Communication and Documentation at Universidad de Murcia and journalist specialized in scientific and technological contents. She has several scientific publications and participations in international conferences. Her research lines are focused on epistemology and philosophy of science, scientific dissemination, media communication and theories of communication.

Maribel Olmos

Maribel Olmos is a Ph.D. student at the College of Communication and Documentation at Universidad de Murcia. She has over ten years of experience as a professional of media. Her research interests include gender studies, serial fiction as well as cultural studies.